Registered LaMancha and Toggenburg Dairy Goats

For Sale

Deposits are $100, non-refundable unless the kid of choice is not born or we retain for our breeding program. All animals must be picked up within 30 days unless another date is mutually agreed upon. All bucks are sold with the right to 20 straws of semen at the cost of collection. All prices subject to change. All Planned Breedings are subject to change. We do not accept reservations for does or doe kids. If you are interested in a doe please contact us.
Doe Buck Due Availability
Faith *B Goat-San Kaolinite 02/14/2018
Defyance *B Goat-San Kaolinite 04/03/2018
Carleigh + *B Heart MT Chattahoochee 02/24/2018
Bayleigh *B Goat-San Kaolinite 04/13/2018
Destiny *B Goat-San Kaolinite 03/31/2018
Tryanny *B Goat-San Kaolinite 02/14/2018
Haleigh *B Goat-San Kaolinite
Brielle *B Goat-San Kaolinite 03/27/2018
Devi *B Goat-San Kaolinite 03/30/2018
Dani *B Goat-San Kaolinite
Tranquility *B Goat-San Kaolinite
Nova *B Goat-San Kaolinite
Misty Legendairy Ranger's Red Ryder 03/27/2018
Abilene Hidden Oak Tor Monitor (AI) 03/04/2018
Geneva Legendairy Ranger's Red Ryder 04/4/2018
Miss Hilly Legendairy Ranger's Red Ryder 03/13/2018
Rayne Rowe's Solano Renoir (AI) 03/18/2018
Vera Legendairy Ranger's Red Ryder 03/10/2018
Georgia Legendairy Ranger's Red Ryder 04/03/2018
Claudia Legendairy Ranger's Red Ryder 04/01/2018
Celia KBARC Zim'S Chippewa (AI) 03/15/2018
Sadie Kori-Brook Rendezvous Preston 03/29/2018